Founder / Owner

Paul-Da-CostaPaul Da Costa

The Founder Of The Aveda Institute Victoria

When I first became involved with Aveda and the concept of the Aveda Institute Victoria, my vision was to create the finest training institution in the beauty industry.

I saw it as a school where people aspiring to go into the beauty industry could learn the highest professional standards in their craft. I saw it as a school where students would learn about the industry itself, about business, and about building relationships with their clients. I wanted students to learn how to provide experiences not just perform tasks. And, I wanted to create all of this within an environmentally sensitive context.

At the Aveda Institute Victoria, we take a genuine interest in the people we work with. We cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and we make it our policy to always find time for people. We believe that our student’s formal education here is just the beginning of our relationship. We aim to prepare students to step out into the work force with confidence, but we hope we have built a relationship with them which will last long after their courses are complete.

At the Aveda Institute Victoria, we are true to our products, we are true to our goals and we are true to our environmental objectives. I believe that if you are true to what you are doing, success will come.