Canada’s Top Hair School are the Aveda Institutes. Internationally acclaimed with an innovating and cutting edge curriculum we are a step above average. 

As the first highly acclaimed international Aveda Institute, Aveda Institute Victoria offers experience and the knowledge to create the most successful entrepreneurs in hair, make-up and total body wellness.

Express your creativity and establish a solid professional career. Come with a dream, leave with a career.  With a Diploma in Cosmetology at the Aveda Institute Victoria the opportunities are unlimited. 

Aveda students have a 95% job placement rate nationally. As one of the fastest growing worldwide salon networks in the beauty industry, graduates of our 75 international schools have endless opportunities to use their global education in our over 7,000 salons/spas, institutes and retail stores worldwide. Aveda is one of the fastest growing worldwide salon networks in the beauty industry. Graduates from the Aveda Institute go on to be part of creative teams that travel all over the world inspiring other beauty industry professionals.

The salon industry is expected to continue to grow by 31% over the next decade, increasingly becoming one of the most reliable and creative of international careers. With the Aveda name behind you, and the self-assuredness you will build through our program, the possibilities are unlimited.

Our state of the art digital cutting curriculum is the first in Canada. The tablet based learning platform allows our students access to education 24/7. Students are educated with class time and practical hands on work lead by passionate educators. 

Be part of an international network of schools, salon and spas all with a focus on sustainable beauty practices that care for our planet and our future. We strive to find innovative ways to be environmentally friendly and have a smaller footprint.

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